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Wasaga Beach Provincial Park Snowshoe Trail

Thick pine forest

A well-marked, well-trodden, twisty snowshoe trail takes you along the edge of a thick, quiet, forested area at Wasaga Beach Provincial Park.

Minutes from the edge of Lake Huron, this natural area is riddled with mostly ski trails, and otherwise appears untouched for many decades.
Although you can see the road from the snowshoe trail, it’s deserted, quiet, and the details bring peaceful reflection. This looks like sap.
Though things are still now, it’s obvious that more bustling times occur on the ground, with large congregations of hoppy tracks here and there.
Nature arranges itself with poise, shadows posing on a blank canvas. Woodpeckers’ knocks resound and trailside displays abound.
Loose dead hanging branches swing gently, like silent wind chimes.

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