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What is tonalscape?

tonality: tones of music, of colour, of shade

landscape: expansion, discovery, exploration, natural spaces, the environment.

This collection of visual art and original music aims to encourage visitors to expand their lives by engagement with the arts and the natural world.

The current collection is posted solely by Michael D. Barker of Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Michael’s music is influenced by many past explorations, from the Beatles to Christian Rock, from Tower of Power to “Oliver!”, from Shostakovich to Roger Quilter to Argentine Tango.

Michael has had a lifelong interest in visual art, and his photography work comes from his frequent encounters with the outdoors in southern Ontario, Canada. is open for artistic collaboration.  Perhaps you can see your posts interleaving into this stream.  Or perhaps you have your own space online that you would like to interlink with  Please reach out by sending an email to michael at, or leave a comment below, and introduce yourself.


P.S. This website runs on green power and open standards.

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